User login is required Installing 12d Model 12 Release Version: The Wibu Network Monitor displays network dongle activity and it can also remove users from the network dongle. Step 2 Updating the number of licenses with the. If you say No then the V11 Install will terminate. If there is a problem. Please continue to the next section if your are installing a Wibu network dongle on the computer for the first time. A Guide to the Notes 5.

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No part of this document shall be reproduced or transmitted by any means or otherwise, without written permission More information.

Dongle Driver

If the Wibu dongle is not locally but is on the network, clicking on Network will scan the entire network and all attached Wibu dongles are displayed and can be interrogated. The script to wivu the Wibu dongle drivers begins. And 12d Model will stop running on the computer that no longer has the Wibu single user dongle attached to it.

User login is required. So if the computer has already been using a Wibu single-user dongle with 12d Model, then the Wibu dongle drivers have already been installed and will not have to be installed again.

Test and Settings dialogue is displayed: Plug in the red USB hardware.


Wibu single user dongles are a translucent green 1d2 and are labelled with a number starting with d Wibu network dongle – a Wibu dongle that controls a set number of 12d Model licenses. 21d you for purchasing Canon Color imageclass More information. Each running copy of 12d Model requires a license from the Wibu network dongle.

In Windows operating systems, you must be logged in with administrator rights to install the printer driver.

Installing 12d Model

To check the number of licenses: There is a n n not equal to 13 entry for each Wibu network dongle where n is the maximum number of 12d Model licenses available for that network dongle indicates it is a 12d Model Wibu network dongle. The dongle must be attached to the USB port at all times, otherwise 12d Model will stop running.

Driver Installation USB 2. Copyright This manual is copyrighted and all rights reserved. Automatically Updating the Licenses with the. Reproduction in any manner.

The Printer also has to be networked and be PCL6 driver compatible in order to. Updating from Spectra 7. Using Windows XP with service pack wib.

12d Model – Civil Engineering, Water engineering & Land Surveying Software Made Easy in 3D

This software allows the computer to interactively monitor the use of the Wibu Servers. There is also an additional entry which lists the total Max number of 12d Model licenses on all the listed network dongles and the number of licenses not being used Free.


Doing a Print Screen and saving the bmp file is the best way to record details of the error. Wibbu Denver Tax Software, Inc.

Transferring the 12d Model Network Dongle | 12D Wiki

Updating the Number of Licenses Digital Signatures User Guide Revision 1. If you have been sent a CodeMeter, please note the additional instructions in 1B below. The latest Dongle Drivers can be found on the 12d Solutions website: No part of More information. In this case it is the Local dongle Then click on Browse to select the file for updating the Wibu network dongle In this example the update file is “C: Wibu Clientsonly the Wibu dongle drivers need to be installed.

The software described in this guide is furnished under a software license or More information. If you repeat an environment variable in a file, the last occurrence is the one that is used. Mixtures of Hardlock network dongles and Wibu network dongles are not support. This section is for installing a Wibu network dongle onto the computer for the first time.