All above versions you will find in the latest firmware. Plug into you Mychron and it pulls in the data. Imperial or metric beep-out of altitude after launch. Have you used this watch on small courses? Entacore Hosting Home Contact Us. This latest version now includes WIFI built in! This software gives the opportunity to analyze data of individual runs as well as the complete sport season.

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Other sports All features can also be used profitable in other sports. Justin Gomersall 03 August I no longer have a need for them and that is the reason for selling, please ask any questions before buying.

AIM USB Rocket Altimeter | Entacore Electronics- High reliability dual ejection rocket altimeter.

Now you can set your altimeter up for any battery type! Right in front of you! The aaim also includes a micro USB cable used with most modern phones. We were aiming for 10,ft and got roughly ft. MyTach is your personal trainer, which supplies you with information like speed, run distance, lap time and much else. I don’t bother to look at the little screen for laptimes while I am driving, and wouldn’t advise you to do this; I use it strictly as a logger and download and analyze the data mytacu.


Pressure sensor with 30 cm 1 foot resolution. Basically, myttach just press a button on the watch to set the point wherever you are. Screen-shots from the interfacing software v 2.

Otherwise, you just press the start button before you go out and the stop button when you are done. Over 30 minutes of total flight time! The tricky part to using the My Tach is setting the starting “point” to get laptimes. Copyright Nucleus CMS v3.

Aim Mychrons

Analysis of the performance performance parabola. Thanks to its integrated GPS receiver a variety of data can be sampled, then be downloaded onto the PC and there be analyzed with special software from AIM. Aim My Tach sports watch review.

Time delay options on both lines for redundancy and other special requirements. Main sensor required to work with Mychron 4 unit. Soon after launch we lost visual of the rocket into the clouds and never regained site of it.

This software gives the opportunity to analyze data of individual runs as well as the aaim sport season.

This item will work on MyChron 2, 3, 4, and 5! Infrared and Magnetic lap timing capable not included. A list of downloads is availble on the left menu.


Browse Related Browse Related. This is used but in great shape. No data kit required – connect directly to the altimeter with a mini-USB cable not included. Completely upgradable firmware, making sure you always have the latest!

I’d like to use it for karting, but we race on a small course with lanes close to each other. No data kit is required – just connect directly with USB! Mytaxh with any questions.

Aim Mychron Power cable For use on Mychron 4 and 5 models Keeps from having to replace or recharge the battery on guage Connects to an external 12v mutach as used in TAG style karts. The thermocouple presents a turn in the lower part aiim make installation and removal easier.

Data output status continuity battery voltage temperature Ejection settings Apogee Time Accent altitude Decent altitude Peak velocity Peak velocity ejection option great for staging!