How to reset IOT password and configurations? Why the PTZ function of the camera move slowly? This connection diagram also can be exported if the hard copy is required. The temperature and humidity values appear to be incorrect? It would have been great to see a real desktop stand with charging capability instead. Please check the bottom switch bar of N.

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This is our software design s,yphone-1000 to all of our hotspot products. VLAN also provide enhance security for the system. MINI if it was switched to Router mode. I have trouble connecting my notebook to the AirVideov2. How to remove the preferred wireless network in Windows XP? Please read the values after the initial power up period.

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Dripping water vertically falling drops shall have no harmful effect. For full puzzle of the video association, please refer to the attach table.

If I could not enter AirMax2 web management, what could I do? While a lot skyphpne-1000 cameras are able to send dual or triple streams at the same time, the CamPro Professional is capable of configuring multiple channels for each stream format from a camera.


This can help you close the project easier.


The topology for this implement should look like below:. Is there a rule to the video stream association? What does “ICR” stand for? The Default IP address is How to setup Client mode for 2. How can I improve the performance?

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Does Campro Express 64 auto record after PC restarting? Why the clients who connect to private port are not able to see traffic xir

Once the phone is placed in it, it becomes apparent that the Skyphone does not really fit well inside the stand. It is suggested to download the installation guide as the PDF file, please read it carefully and then configures your device for evaluation.

Air Live Phone Skyphone-1000

So please check the below information may help you to work-up this situation. Why can’t I proceed the emergency function? How to access the MWS using remote management function. For example, the default Campro Express 64’s webserver port is 80 and video port is Software Installing the Skyphone requires an active Skype account.


My wireless network card could find the access point, but it could not connect to the access point successfully. How to reset the GWR to factory default setting? When ICR is switched on, it will block infrared light and allow only visible light to pass through.

Why the wireless network card nearby could not connect to access point? Can I perform the live view and the video recording in different video formats at the same time?

How to use Campro 64 with Win Vista and Oive 7? An ICR is a mechanical shutter design. Please turn off applications that use port 80 such as “Skype.

Do you have experience of PoE AP or Camera disconnected in off hours or where you cannot deliver people to solve it immediately?