New to the Theater is a set of bit analog-to-digital converters, which is an improvement over the Rage Theater’s 9-bit ADCs. However, I am not convinced this is a valid reason, since ATI has provided a preview window which shows the filters applied in real-time with no noticeable degradation in playback. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. I could go on, but I’d just end up repeating the same thing over and over again: Multiple monitors are supported through ATI’s Hydravision software, but you’re limited to using a TV as a second monitor, effectively killing any hope for a usable stretched or extended desktop. However, with the added benefits of PVR functionality and a media jukebox, I can endorse the use of the video output.

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The coax input feeds the TV tuner of the card and can be used to turn your computer into a personal video recorder PVRthat is if you have not converted your cable service 97700 satellite over the last couple of years. New to the Theater is a set of bit analog-to-digital converters, which is an improvement over the Rage Theater’s 9-bit ADCs. Anyone with similar problem? Since the desktop resolution may not match the resolution output to the TV, the card re-samples the output or creates a scrolling desktop.

The chart doesn’t take into account the Radeon Pro’s support for DirectX 9 and other advanced features, where the Radeon Pro also has a huge advantage.

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I have used the with DScaler, and it works, but it is a little too buggy right now to depend on every akw. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid That said, x was pretty much illegible, so I ended up back at x a compromise between desktop space and image distortion.


Unfortunately, ATI still insists on making heat sink removal difficult; a set of one-way push pins conspire to make heat sink removal far more difficult than it needs to be. This is what it looks like atipro. The video inputs were fed signals from a Bell ExpressVu satellite receiver same technology as dish networka Panasonic VCR, a pioneer 97000 player with the chroma bug, and a very poor cable feed.

The first is a dazzling array of video input and video output ports VIVO that enable video capture and output in a number of different standardized formats, and the second is a TV tuner that lets a system act as a personal video recorder PVRmuch like a TiVo. The single-tuner design also limits the card’s ability to record more than one program 970 once. Sometime the scheduler messes up and your programs are not recorded. Personal Cinema products used to be limited to cards based on the GeForce2 MXbut that’s not the case anymore.

The features of each AIW product in that spectrum are aie little different, but what we’re really looking at here are 99700 rates and memory bandwidth.

There are ways around this, but due to legal issues I cannot discuss them. The Theater handles the All-in-Wonder Pro’s audio and video capture capabilities from analog S-Video, composite, and component video inputs. Everything from changing aspect ratios to navigating you saved media files can be controlled with the Remote Wonder. It’s probably toastunless it just got loose but Alw assume you’ve already re-seated it a few times.


With the I rarely lose more than a few frames even while performing other light tasks at the same time.

It was designed to pass digital audio streams from DVDs to an external processor. Since then, multimedia enthusiasts have been clamoring for an All-In-Wonder version of this revolutionary new graphics product.

I’d need to see a sample screen shot of what you’re seeing. ATI Aiw card in Linux? This time, I’ll try to be a little louder. The supplied filters include Despeckle, Soft Focus, and Sharpen.

ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder Pro – ExtremeTech

This allows translucent video playback in a windowed area such that you wiw do work behind the video playback. LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture.

Unfortunately I didn’t have another card to try this with, but it sounds promising. ATI aow kind enough to ship a power splitter in case the power supply’s connectors are all being used for other things. The RGB output to the monitor or the projector looked great.

Theoretical performance limits aren’t always indicative of overall 3D performance, but they do give us a frame of reference since we won’t be diving into any benchmarks today. It is worth mentioning that a couple of resolutions I tried using the i output, but it had substantial overscan. Standard and HDTV video aia.