Warning – TX status timeout for entry 15 in queue 2 [ I’ve been searchin’ all day today for new drivers bla bla bla, nothin’ helps. Comment 35 Stephen So Warning – TX status timeout for entry 4 in queue 0 [ Look at what I underlined above.

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Rising up db from 20 to 34nothing change, the absorption still be the same 0,1 ge-rt070 0,14 A. I didn’t notice much of a change when altering the RTS threshold and Fragement threshold. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

Alfa AWUS036NH (RT3070 usb) driver disabled

Warning – TX status timeout for entry 15 in queue 2 [ This is the file we will edit. Same issue, hope this can get resolved. If anybody needs more information, or help debugging, I’ll gladly help.

Comment 48 Emil Lauridsen And please don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not that I’m trying to tell you you are wrong, I just am always up to learn new ways of doing things. Comment 5 Stephen So It seems I can’t change my country code Comment 53 Benjamin Your email address will not be published.


But I have seen similar problems with a different usb card and a different router bgn.

How to Set Your Wi-Fi Card’s TX Power Higher Than 30 dBm « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

After doing some file transfer tests, eventually some of these messages appeared. Generally the regulatory domain will set to country 00 when starting up your machine.

Warning – TX status timeout for entry 0 in queue 2 [ You can do much more with the utility but txpower to 30 along with a 14 to 24 dbi directional antenna. Now just reboot your computer, change your regulatory domain to BO, and turn that puppy up!

It seems to work, I got constantly iw reg get country BO: Hey Alex, you probably figured it out by now but if not, the fix will make you want to cut someone – I rolled my eyes so hard they near fell out of my skull: Thank you so much!

However, hams are limited to watts and may use any antenna they like. I’ve tried the updated kernel 3. What amazes me is how well phorum runs on the pi.

Awsu can download those from here:. Info – Firmware detected – version: I attach the two patches that I downloaded from the ubuntuforums site above My kernel version is 3.


Maybe try being more specific with increasing your transmission power. Together with NetworkManager this means that the connection is still ge-rg3070 just no data gets through, until it is brough down and up by clicking nm-applet or by nmcli. Cheers, pablo Comment 2 Stephen So On BackTrack, I ran into a problem just doing straight up make install, so you should make first.

I folowd the orders exactly as folowdand it sais that windows find the drivers but there is an error trying instalation the drivers. PAE Give a report if it work: You have to make sure those are all installed completely, because your error would suggest that you did not install libnl.

Not sure if this is just placebo. Comment 39 Justin M.