Several professionals own Ayre equipment, usually for their home systems. His ride cymbals were so clear through the QB-9DSD that it was easy to hear not just the sound of stick striking metal, but where on the cymbal it struck. One of the biggest differences between USB cables seems to be their effectiveness at limiting the transmission of RFI along the ground, and in the shielding of power-delivery conductors. Thanks for a very entertaining magazine; one of the true highlights of the month even if most of the reviewed equipment is way out of my reach. For , Ayre has attacked the less expensive end of its lineup, upgrading a trio of older products to MP versions. I understand if you need a moment to compose yourself before reading on.

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Recording of January Listening Ayre equipment favors burn-in time, so the first thing I did was hook up the QB-9 to a backup computer and log over hours of continuous use. Changes to the analog audio circuitry and its power supply that improve the audio performance.

On the one hand, the rest of my system has never sounded better. However, in my secondary system, I noted a preference for the Wavelength over both solid-state units.

Soulution — a Swiss amp goes for a Highland fling.

Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC | AudioStream

Pregnant women may have inexplicable food cravings — I have lately found myself a slave to crunchy guitar riffs from s heavy metal. Hansen is more blunt: The lights were turned off, and as I entered the room I heard a piano being played. In essence, the EquiLock circuit adds a transistor that fixes the operating point of the actual amplification transistor and holds it steady, allowing it to operate more linearly and with reduced distortion.


My time with the Ayre QB-9 amplified my certainty that computer-based audio is not only the future, it is the here and now. Symmetry Systems T www. Most of us have become convinced that newer is always better, as the mountain of cash sitting in a uzb lair in Cupertino will attest. It is a surprisingly single minded converter inasmuch as it only has USB input, thus is dedicated to computer audio sources and the like. Log in or register to post comments. While I found the CD edition enjoyable, I began to understand ussb all the fuss was about only when I heard the hi-rez version.

I listened to a saxophone solo, which was just jaw-dropping. I listened in “Listen” mode.

Equipment Review – Ayre Acoustics QB-9 USB Digital-to-Analog Converter (12/)

Charles Hansen emphasizes that his sole goal in designing the QB-9 was to achieve the best possible audio playback from computers for the least amount of money.

With its Minimum Phase filters set to Listen, the time-domain stability was palpable. Of a compact size at 8. Instruments and performers were placed with absolute precision in all three dimensions, even at the extremes of the stage.

But the problem is that digital audio equipment is still designed by digital audio engineers, traditional engineers, who, if they are using a kHz sampling rate, are going to make their equipment with flat frequency response to 96kHz and then just put a brick-wall filter on it. Given the RFI-radiating engine that is a computer, the transformer-coupled Crimson employs a topology with some inherent advantages.


I therefore have the freedom to ask ‘Why?

Ayre QB-9 DSD

A comparison review of two DACs. Since using it with the Melco my opinion has swung degrees and I think this is one of the most transparent and realistic sounding DACs available.

The QB-9 was able to retrieve enormous amounts of detail from the data stream, but they were presented in a manner that agre completely natural, unlike some hyper-detailed sources I’ve heard. One of the biggest differences between USB cables seems to be their effectiveness at limiting the transmission of RFI along the ground, and in the shielding of power-delivery conductors.

Recording of November Due to the various taxes, duties, VAT’s, labor costs, et cetera, individual importers set the price for the upgrades in their own countries. There is zero wow and flutter, and the distortion and noise are about an order of magnitude better ie20dB than the best analog tape machines.

The chip’s datasheet describes it as an “advanced multi-bit sigma-delta” converter that will operate up to a sample rate of kHz with an astounding dynamic range of dB.

The brand represents the pinnacle of automotive and home audio luxury. Related Latest Galleries Recommended.

PC users need to download and install the Ayre Windows drivers and setup your music player software accordingly. Before AudioRankin was ysb engineer at what he coyly refers to as “the sixth largest manufacturer of PCs in the world.