Yes, I think – Are they often updated? Veo que existen muchas interrogantes con respecto al funcionamiento del controlador Behringer BCD con Windows I hate to be the bearer of bad news for some of you, but they are saying there is nothing that can be done from our end to make this happen, it’s simply just not possible. Just need the manual. Please can you help?

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Buy another brand Behringer, if you read me, I am trying to publish photos of the machine that you sent me, answer me quickly.

Behringer B-CONTROL DEEJAY BCD3000 – digital mixer

Ben is not too expensive, so should not complain too much, it was worth our money, but no more. You don’t have to use the one built into the controller, especially if you are having problems with it.

I have not configured! Use in small dances.

Happy Holidays!

What I like least: Please can you help? To send a piece, it must select and drag one of the control panels. The flexibility and reliability of Native Bcontrol software front end is worth the b-dontrol alone. I think the report is Qualitprix trs good. I’m wondering the same thing! Nevermind Submit My Request.

I’m pretty sure no one was forced to upgrade to windows With the professional sound system of the place sometimes the sound technician is also provided LOL or directly connected to active P.


Kindly develop and updated driver for Windows 10 as we have all been forced to update to windows 10 for free. Tracktor 3 LE comes with the console: No but you have to download the update before installing.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – is VIrtual Dj compatible with Behringer B-CONTROL DEEJAY BCD

Hi Raymond or anyone who might know Thanks for you input into this topic Raymond, however I am also stumped as to the best driver to use for my BCD on Win10 I have googled alot. Compatible with all mainstream operating systems, it is less easy to configure the table on Linux Did you try many other models before getting this one?

And the two “jogs” that serve scatcher do not work: Directly connected to the PC first, on the amp on the other hand, without any other hardware. Describe the question or issue you have. I maile twice their customer service, which is supposed to respond in 24 hours, I Always expect the answers. Due to poor hardware design, the BCD series sound cards are well known to be problematic.

Used inreplaced by the current hardware, it still served, and begringer works as well as the first day! Posted Tue 12 Feb 08 Reviews Currently no reviews are available Have experience with this product? Posted Tue 12 Feb 08 3: I received the console with the jog pad left twisted, seemingly before sending it repaired by a technician and a pen we see the brandit remains tjrs twisted, and thus hangs from time to time very convenient for behdinger pieces, default or not, we should not hope to scratch anythingthe Service recommends to twist my in the other direction, on the phone Feel free to ask for more help if you get stuck!


300 time is far too valuable to be waiting on the phone, plus, who likes to get transferred only to have to explain the issue again? Support staff Member since You can use any sound card of your own choice. Still, I finally managed to find a configuration of traktor and I almost more problems.

Used more o less the rest of frquemment I and I do not recommend purchasing this Controller VDJ and the community kicks ass!!