Tom is one of the original founders of Pro Tool Reviews. The trouble with this pocket is that there is no way to secure it closed, and every time we moved the case around, the instruction manuals fell out on to the floor. The exception, of course, is that these tools will just about fit in your pocket. The PS40 actually provides several advantages. We did not strip out a single screw head, which anyone who has used stainless steel square drive screws knows is not an easy thing to accomplish when using a regular drill. The lid of the case has a clear plastic pocket for the product manuals and other literature.

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Subscribe In every issue you’ll find Tom’s specialties are problem-solving and attention to detail—two traits which are apparent each time he tests and impzct power tools. The Bosch PSA impact driver shows how a big thing can come in small package! Cordless Tools View All. There are a ring of three LED lights that are located on the front of the Impactor that act as a flashlight that evenly lights cordlezs around the bit when the trigger is pulled. All we know is that it seems to work, and work well.

Inside the box, the tool came neatly packaged within a zippered nylon carry case. An impact driver is much more powerful then a drill because it gets its power from an internal mechanism that delivers hammer blows to an anvil that transmits that power to the bit.


Codrless chose the spade bit because it takes more effort to make a hole with one then a regular style drill bit.

With several thousand hit or beats per minute, these tools make driving screws nearly effortless with almost no fatigue since nearly all the torque is delivered to the fastener and none to the pitheon operator. Not pre-drilling is a bad idea for lag bolt installation, but the PS40 hammered right through it effortlessly or at least it appeared effortless.

Just to further push the tool, we figured we coedless to try a few more crazy stunts.

Musings of an Energy Nerd Buy Now. But with great power, comes great responsibility. I love Bosch engineers, in a manly way of course! Next we took the same lithepn and sent it home in the same piece of wood without a pilot hole — and got the same results.

By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. On the practical side we really did love the power to size factor. Although still an overall plus, I found the single LED mounting on the Pz40-2 left a shadow in the exact spot you need the most light. Its unobtrusive battery fits nicely inside its handle, which increases its usefulness in tight driving or drilling conditions.

Bosch PS40-2A Impact Driver Review

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When put into service for the right application, I love the impact cordelss, and find it very useful and powerful.

The trigger is a variable speed type that will allow the user to adjust motor speed depending on how far the trigger is cordlesz. Member Exclusives More Member Exclusives.

Litheon PS Cordless Impact Driver Review – Fine Homebuilding

Learn the best HVAC solutions for high-performance homes. The LED lights came in very handy in this application of the tool because as we were reaching inside the cabinets. Along with the impact driver came a Philips and a slotted screwdriver bit, a 30 Minute Charger Model BC and two Litheon lithium-ion, get it?

Tom is one of the original founders of Pro Tool Reviews.

Menu Skip to content. With an impact driver, that feedback is muted since the fastener is tightened so incrementally. Needless to say, the Impactor drove the fastener in with no trouble at all, all the way up to the head. While it is imact as fast as some of the