And just to verify your installation ran correctly what are the outputs of the following two commands? Until then, I’ll stick to windows again. I might not be ready for linux, or linux isn’t ready for me. So far it looks good but with: A BIG thanks goes to jw for consistently stepping in and helping out.

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JohnWill, I’m afraid I’m not sure how to do what you’re talking about.

Every Linux distro I have tried never sees my wireless connection. Ok, the invalid driver message means you tried to install the driver from a folder that did not brkadcom the necessary files.

Solved: Problem with Dell 1390 Wireless adapter

So if you’re seeing the “Run this command a few times The open-source brcmfmac driver is available from the brcm module of the linux kernel package, maintained upstream by the linux kernel community.

I should have come to this conclusion myself as the initial removal steps found nothing to remove. The “funny” thing is that I can get the card to connect to a much weaker Linksys network which I assume that my neighbor’s wireless router is broadcasting.

Do the above command multiple times.


Solved: Problem with Dell Wireless adapter | Tech Support Guy

Is there alot of harddrive activity while it does this? Alrighty, out of curiosity I’m giving the native driver a shot. The card in my system is the same one Broadcom It worked great on 7. That’s a touch odd So instead of simply ignoring the vast wealth of knowledge available by posting my own question, I’ll search first to make sure my issue hasn’t already been covered.

Also, when the computer boots there is a message “Notification dll has not been registered program will not work correctly” Followed the suggestions at http: I tried and searched if anyone else had this problem in this thread, but I was unsucessful. Never had a problem.

Broadcom bcm43xx (also dell ) wifi device

That was the trick. In an hour or so we were able to get to laptops working in the wifi mode using Ubuntu Dvader. I had to download the official driver from the Dell website, The original driver listed in step 2 did not work.

Finaly I could get my wireless driver working.

I had installed some bcm43xx stuffs. Thanks I give it: This applies to everyone who wants to try network-manager or wifi-radar to connect to networks: Alternatively, you can manually clean your system of the previous attempts, as outlined in various posts throughout this thread. Uses Compaq FUS https: What do you mean by a network that “requires a static IP.


Identifying Your Broadcom BCM43xx Chipset With this information, you may assess what drivers are supported for your card, and how to switch to a different driver from the instructions below. I also don’t use Wicd so I can’t help you there either!

Broadckm to a blog with not much information http: It worked, I am so happy! I only started coming on this forum again as I switched to Gusty then I noticed this thread in my control panel.


So have a look around in the bios bcm43sx see if you can see any buttons that you don’t know what do on your laptop anywhere! They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

I wanted to connect to the WLAN of my university-campus.