If Signal 2 of this message is exactly 32 a trigger will be fired here, else not. Select the connected CAN channels of the device s to be tested. Otherwise if the last known value of Signal 1 is greater 20, finally the Symbolic Signal 2 0x is checked. Please refer to the data sheet for the CAN controller for the values that should be entered here. If you do not see your specific hardware device listed below, please click the Request Hardware Support button at the bottom of the page. This file contains the used database information of the project and is necessary to read back by Configuration Read from device or Read from folder We cannot be held liable More information.

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The title line with the column captions is saved in a separate header file.

We cannot be held. The specified action when trigger occurs.

Vector CAN Interface Support from Vehicle Network Toolbox

If the option Dec. General notes 2 Notes on the documentation More information.

Therefor the devices require a related license. The left window lets you access the installed Vector devices, the right window displays the details of the selection. The primary difference cancaasexl using the.


When doing dveice please make sure that the single and dual-row connectors are not laterally offset. Type of file, e. All rights which are not expressly allowed are reserved.

Opens the Vector Hardware Config.

Manual. Vector XL log Config. CANcaseXL log Configuration Version English – PDF

Changes trigger condition see below. An OK should appear in the upper part of the window.

Each of the two Piggybacks is fastened by a screw and retainer. Clicking the Get Support Package button provides the support package install file: If the SD card is full, the whole logging process will stop. Select the trigger type in the right list box on the property panel. Clear wireless remotes knob: Level sensitive The following options are available: Select the connected CAN channels of the device s to be tested.

The window of XL log Config is divided into five parts: Click [Close] to exit. Value of the time grid in seconds. To install a hardware support package, you must have a supported product release, along with the required operating system and base product. System Requirement and Connection This User Guide provides step by step instructions that will take you through.



In the settings for Driver installation, click tab DAQ list. Device is in Interface Mode without SD card. Acncasexl All values which could be represented with the defined precision are displayed in decimal format.

Filter conditions Pass Passes the specified message logged.

Up-to-date address information is More information. A supported cancaseexl A supported operating system The required base products If you do not have a supported release or the required base products, you can get started with a free trialor you can purchase products.

The display name can be set in the Database Editor in the field Display name. Vector XL log Config. The start time can be entered with a resolution of deviec millisecond.