What is the IP address of the Fiery as it appears on the configuration page? Thanks in advance for any assistance, printer gurus! It could still be some kind of conflict with other installed software so I think testing this against a clean Is the problem happening from the same application on all Macs? Attached to this post is a screen grab of the error. Is anyone successfully using Snow Leopard to print to T1? I head to Canon’s site, grab the 3.

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Is the problem happening from the same application on all Macs? Jun 7, 4: Hi Rob, Thanks for that update. Looking for alternatives, since I’m stuck here — when I look at drivers for the C1 I assume I can’t use them?

Is anyone successfully using Snow Leopard to print to T1? At that point no one will be able to send print jobs to the Canon C1. Hi Karl, Thanks for the response — sadly, I’m having no better results.

I’ve spent the past several hours trying to get help from Canon with no success. I would avoid using these with your T1. Is it the Mac driver and settings? Please check your inbox for a private message.


Click Open to continue with the installation. The reason I ask is that this is the same IP as used by the Fiery on the Interface between the Fiery and the copier the private network.

imagePRESS C1 Support

Thanks again for all the help, PAHU! I’m sending you a link to a fresh image of the driver. By “optimized” for V2. This is becoming a major problem for me, and Canon’s ham-handed support is infuriating. Jun 7, 3: This will work the same as the US version, it just has some imagwpress model names for some printers. For a Mac running If you imagepresx already tried this then please reply.

Canon Support for Mac OS X 10 8 Mountain Lion | Canon Australia

So I don’t know what this new URL means. Select Open from the menu window and then click Open.

I’ve placed a service call requesting the Fiery software be updated by Canon. I went to the device configuration page on the Counter Check screen, and here’s what it says: To the full extent permitted by law, and without detracting from any rights you may otherwise be entitled to, Canon accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage connected to: If the printer is supported, check the printer connection and add it again.


Guess this will have to be my workflow until I caon get a Canon guy out here. After I release to print, it shows in the “printed” list as being 0 pages, and nothing is physically printed. I will report back any findings I make.

Canon Support for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

The ‘Information Not Available’ result is correct with this driver. The planned release schedule for the following Large Format Printers. Should I just call Canon support and have them send someone out?

Existing printer drivers and supporting software for Mac OS X Your Canon od should be able to install this for you.