You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. I am still looking for the file. Hello everyone, I want to use javax. Email Required, but never shown. A tutorial on applet parameters is here: It is not for Linux or anyother operating system.

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Hey the how to install java comm api can be found on this page which was posted earlier in this website…. Where can I find related documents? Trying to open COM4… Apr 7, I will try to relocate the file on my machine and reupload it again soon.

A tutorial on applet parameters is here: I have found another post and added the following: I have tried to follow the advice for converting to an applet in another thread http: While running my program, the following error came up: I tried this on my 64bit Vista machine and it did not work, however, this did work previously on a 32bit windows XP. I used Linux long time ago for my school.


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I suggest doing the following: But I get an error: I have made and appplet which is reading the data from the machine attached to the serial port.

However, I knew that to obtain a COM port you need to obtain an ownership of the targeted port. However, from the error you posted, it seems that you java compiler can not access the library to identify the ports on your machine.

Click on For Files or Folders … 4. Can 2 threads access the serial port through wait and notify….

about serial cable communication using Java

This is because the FBI has shutdown the java.lang.classnotfoundexceptiln. For example, in netbeans under project window, there is a library or Java.lang.classnotfoundexfeption folder that shows all the libraries utilized by the project. I downloaded java communication API but it doesnot contain all three files that you mentioned where i can get this.

Also, I am going to look for my old code that did utilize COM ports on my old machine and post it here.

Free Web Developer Tools. But when you open a project, check for the path of the already added libraries below the package folder in solution explorer. As much as I would like to help every one with the Comm api, I am no longer have a linux machine for experiments.


I want to use javax. The program uses java comm to read and write data to it. I don’t get any of my system messages, including the one com.sun.comm.win32drvier the top of my init method. Is there another way to pass in values?

Could anyone help to recommend some good ones? Subscribe in a reader. Linux is not so hard to learn. Username Password Remember Me?

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But it is not working for me. Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules.

It can’t find “COM1” using the Solaris classes which is hardly surprising.