I also had the Ceton Diagnostic Utility installed on my Win7 64 laptop, then upgraded it to Win10 64, and the utility still runs and recognizes the 6ETH. You’ll need to know your cable provider for this. Weather Channel ch comcast Philly or Discovery Channel mplayer doesn’t open using-. The video has these weird horizontal lines when things move; the faster, the longer the lines — That’s an interlacing problem. If you look down the page, about half way you will see a heading labeled Card Applications.

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This was their reply.


That’s may be, but I see “none” on channel 14, I have my TV on channel 14 and am watching it now I had bad luck trying to forge ahead without pulling channels at this point, and if you’re a novice at this, it will make things more confusing. The fly in the ointment is that a reinstall of Win10 loses Ceton’s newest adpter.

Yaobing Administrator Citizen of the Universe Posts: Try re-installing JRiver Media Center. The Ceton card runs a DHCP server so most distros will automatically give your machine an IP address on the ctn0 device once you install the driver.


Ceton InfiniTV 6 Ethernet Tuner ETH Cable Network for CableCARD

Whenever you’re done, you can cancel out the above SSH tune and you’re back to normal. The “diagnosis tool” is probably not a driver.

See also Channel tuning. You’ll have to pay a small adaptwr fee for this. Ceton’s most recent software will not install on Win A fork of the manufacturer’s drivers are available on GitHub which has been tested to compile on kernels up to version 4.

Fortunately Ceton also makes available a TA add-on for their card called “ctntad” on the same download page as the driver. Forum Getting Started Purchase Support: Ubuntu up to and including Older packages will, however.

When I installed MC on 10 it had Verizon, now only shows Frontier, but that shouldn’t make a difference should it?

None – you have no right to this channel or the channel does not exist at all. It might take a good adapteg minutes to run. So I went to the web interface it says Copy Protection: It took several tries by the Comcast representative before they were able to get the new card up and running.

I have made an RC script that I use on Ubuntu You should be able to now access the card’s internals from your web browser, typically http: You’ll need to know your cable provider for this. I’ll try again Sunday. Once you have downloaded and built ctntad, you will need to create an RC script in order for it to be automatically started at system boot.


This will populate the MythTV database with all of your channels and shows. Views Read View source View history. Bugwhat on November 12, Karl Beem on January 27, Do not foresee any issues. MythTV can be set to correct for that, so don’t despair!

Ceton InfiniTV 4 – MythTV Official Wiki

Your video source, in the United States, is probably “us-cable”. You should try running the following command and checking that your output has the “crw-rw-rw” line:. Also understand that RC scripts vary from distro to distro, so while it is possible that this RC script will work on Debian-based distributions other than Ubuntu, it is probably also true that it will not work on Redhat or other distros without extensive modification.