So no multiple monitors in OGL panel. I’ve just fresh install eve.. It has changed place. I’ve paid for a game I cannot play. Thresh Avery Best Path Inc.

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SargothSep 28, The command-line switches, last I checked, do not change the location of the settings files.

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SusanaSep 27, More on the cornerstonw Ok, it really shouldn’t cornerstome this difficult so if you want to hold off until I’ve talked to the devs I’ll see if I can get you some answers. But most of the time, two separate cards means impossible to get OpenGL for the second monitor. My fault, just prior to Rev II, I was screwing around with “video out” and different players, editing, etc.

Creative X-Fi Platinum, drivers 5. I think at this stage the best option is just to play in a lower resolution.

OFF Unfortunatly i’ve been unable to make it work. The new forums are live Please adjust your bookmarks to https: There is a very good reason that Microsoft has local user storage areas such as this AppData directory, among others.


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Sep 28, Messages: You havent said whether or not you have the release patch from Gamersgate installed. Author Topic Vahetaja Posted – Rule the oceans, assert domination and vanquish your foes! Golden Century sets sail!

Eve would be good. Plus, until a couple of months ago to get dualview functionality you had to hack p11700 registry or use unofficial drivers. Well after the support message I got the same problems and I weren’t to sure what he ment by it, but after reading up on this topic and changing my windows resolution settings to a lower instance than x, it worked.

I can’t find my prefs. Thats a really really bad Idea After this adjustment, settings and data are saved as they were saved pre-Revelations II. Your name or email address: Win2k drivers codnerstone their own bugs.

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This is for Windows XP only: I’ve paid for a game I cannot play. Kind regards Susana Meza. Golden Century welcomes you to the glory days of Spain and Portugal. This is from the thead I mentioned, written by Wijitmaker: Mar 14, Messages: I’ve moved it to every possible folder that eve vornerstone look at with no luck.


As the year comes to an end we want to celebrate with one last amazing sale! Generic or something like that Monitor Max Res: I put in a Petition and the GM asked for my dxdiag info; but before sending it I looked it over and noticed this in the Display Devices section: Yeah well then I think you should be able to get dual monitor OpenGL.