I use the News from Macworld Lyft for Work challenges Uber for Business in the battle for corporate dollars Let the right one in: I mean it works now using Raling Wireless Utility, but it is useless because I cannot share internet access from my Ethernet to it. I almost went with the DWL-G and your hints but it looked a little too iffy for the non-technical users who would be using the iMac. I have to tables side by side, I was hoping to have the notebook resting beside my desktop and in the other table the mini and the router.

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After a kernal panic and a restart, I was able to see both base stations in the utility 01.6, but have not been able to establish a connection to either.

I bet a bunch of people are buying this thing off Amazon after it was plugged on kk. I would like to know which os you are using becaue when you call dlink support they tell you they have yet to prove that it works on anything higher then I haven’t read all of 100.6 post it’s late at nightbut I think the following should clarify: I hope this helps.

If you have a closed network, you will be prompted to enter the exact network name. I could only use it when I had no password assigned to my wireless network! That’s a little pricey for me In which case theres still hope through this driver. How to connect to wireless in Windows 7. I have to tables side by side, I was hoping to have the notebook resting beside my c-link and in the other table the mini and the router.


I got the odd kernel panic too, but I found they don’t happen if you plug in and unplug the usb adapter when you’re logged in. WPA biedt autorisatie en identificatie van gebruikers op basis van een geheime code die met regelmatige tussenpozen verandert.

D-Link Support Resources

I’d really like a menu bar like the Airport one. So, to see if I understood correctly: Brand new Mac mini 1. The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: I got the G working nicely on the PC so i know its not faulty. TM backup via Ethernet. oa

D-LINK DWL-G122 Price in Singapore & Specifications

In Apple’s AirPort help, rwl-g122 say this length enhances compatibility with non-Apple computers, and I suspect that, when you use a WiFi dongle, the AirPort Base Station has problems recognizing that a true Mac is trying to connect to it!.

I could not figure out how to leave my internal card in and add a network interface for the Buffalo card did strange things like duplicating both entries and could not separately control.

I followed the steps above exactly Visit other IDG sites: Based on the old DWL-G thread I purchased a o pack with router and with the rebate got a d-linkk decent deal. Please select the correct hardware revision. These are thumpin’ good cans Creaticity: Click Connect at the bottom of the window. One reason why you might be interested in a USB wireless antenna even if you’ve got a modern Mac with builtin wireless is that the reception on the Airport cards at least in a titanium PowerBook like mine is notoriously weak.


I downloaded the lasted driver for dal-g122 And just to say, to all those people suggesting alternatives, these are infact better wireless solutions for your mac, but sometimes, like in my case, you have one of these spare, or you’ve bought one thinking it will work and it doesnt.

You must use the “Raitek Wireless Utility” program to utilize the dongle, and connect to access points, and it is at least a magnitude better then my iBook G4’s built-in Airport Extreme. I know, I can put wires to cross all over, but I use the router for my notebook that travels around my house If you like to keep things clean by knowing that everything is installed inside your older iMac, you don’t want to spring for the overpriced AirPort Card, you don’t want to play with 3rd party drivers like ralink ones, you are happy with You will have to use have an Ethernet port on your Mac but unless your Mac is really old you should have that.

I guess the problem doesn’t come from the dongle itself, but rather from a conflict with certain configurations.