Operation At The Receiving System Check The Accessories Auto Paper Selection Removing Usb Memory Editing A Destination

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Operation At The Sending System Storing A Form Media Type For Print Output What Is I-fax Media Type Setting Setting Twain Driver Customize Status Display Quick Setup Wizard fax Setup Check The Accessories Description Of Operation Procedure Reordering Print Jobs Job Finish Notice Unknown Number Reception Priority Override For Waiting Jobs Paper Size For Small Original Auto Image Rotation One-touch Image Adjust Entry Check For New Dest Selecting How To Copy Originals Changing User Information Displaying Status Screens Ohp Backing Sheet User Login Setting Registering Permit Fax No Canceling Of Jobs Energy Saving Control Function Pause And Resumption Of Jobs In 1 Reception Print Accounting Report Registering A New Destination Low Toner Alert Level Part Names And Functions Touch Panel Display Form For Form Overlay Selecting The Multi Purpose Tray Setting The Tti Information Sending Documents send