Also am intrigued by Aerial, birdseye, satellite imagery. Also, with this, does it really matter if I get the sandisk Ultra 2 or the Extreme? The battery consumption is alarming, and loss of signal not uncommon. In other words these maps should have the details you would expect to see on the paper topos you would buy at an outdoor shop. If it is a Delorme unit, go to the Delorem Forums and post your question there. Displaying the name of the next street on the map, along with the distance to the turn you get a fairly clear idea of where to go.

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The Topo USA software certainly is a serious tool. And will the 1G card hold all the information?

DeLorme kicks out waterproof Earthmate PN GPS device

Here is what you can expect to find. I have used aerial photos alot in the past in geological exploration. I thought the PN came pre loaded with more maps than the others I had looked at.

There would be no difference in how the Canadian topo maps are produced and offered by DeLorme than what they do for the USGS topo maps.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 User Manual: The Device Setup Page

The only problem specific to the tracking function is that it quits working on long trips — when the file gets too large, I guess. Again thank you Paul – July 19th, I just checked and Delorme does not have aerial satelite imagery for Canada on its map library subscription.


My wife and I are new to geocaching and we quickly discovered that we love it. Why drastic, almost immediate depletion of the first Lithiums?

The SD card comes in a plastic case and has a capacity of 1 GB. Do you get the entire US pre-loaded? It actually works quite well once it is calibrated. See my post on Nov 20th on managing battery life. I know there is some inherent accuracy in the system itself but is this inaccuracy consistant from point A to point B? One simple solution would be to have the screen turn off after an adjustable time period, and add a button to quickly toggle to screen on and off.

DeLorme support or the folks at forum. Ryan – January 21st, For Americans, I’m sure it is a great device; outside those limited boundaries, stick a finger in the air and hope for a breeze. They both are in meters of accuracy, about meters or so.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Handheld

With the eXplorist you can download an unlimited amount of geocaches via SD card. It’s also sporting a rubberized housing around the edges to keep pn-04 safe from minor bumps and bruises; nothing too fancy here, but it ought to bring a smile to the face of all the argonauts in attendance.


Do not waste your time and money!!! This unit has a lot of potential think graphing calculator vs basic calculatorbut not everyone needs it all. I would have rated this excellent but it obviously has some flaws. Clean them degice an eraser and see if that helps.

Thankyou again Laurie – March 27th, My decision degice buy the DeLorme was the ability to load aerial photos onto the unit and I have been very happy to have that feature in the field for my forestry and ecology work. Not to mention the blackberry costs less, is lighter and can do other things.

Using a multi-tester, I checked voltage before installation — 1. Also, the free base maps with the Delorme are better than with the Garmin.

DeLorme PN GPS Review

Frank – November 8th, It quickly redraws and re-calibrates the maps as people travel around so they never have to worry about slow maps causing them to get lost. Other wise it is a good gps I use my in Dekorme for work and have beaten it up and still going strong. Melissa – December 15th,