The removal and transformation of ammonia was studied in detail by analysis and modelling of chemical gradients through the filter. Three animal viruses; transmissible gastroenteritis virus TGEV , avian pneumovirus APV , and fowlpox virus were chosen as surrogates for three human viruses; SARS coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, and smallpox virus; respectively. Particulate matter accumulated on car engine air-filters CAFs was examined in order to investigate the potential use of these devices as efficient samplers for collecting street level air that people are exposed to. Retention of fission products in air filters. We conclude that the analytical result of particulate samples deposited on filters by the PM 10 sampler can be reliable in terms of the homogeneity of the deposition. This novel development has profited by experience gained in previous incidents as well as by maitenance and decontamination work performed with different HEPA filter systems. The high efficiency steel filters for nuclear air cleaning.

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Air samples were analyzed using either the sedimentation or the impaction methods. Conclusions inferred from the data follow: There was a difference between events on total neonicotinoid concentration collected in particulate matter using either passive or active sampling. Because of the need for rapid monitor response to concentration increases and decreases, conventional radioactive particle monitors were not used. The MET motors had average lifetimes of 47 hours, 97 hours, and hours, respectively, and exhibited satisfactory operation under all environmental test conditions.

With the filter used in this study, the amount of triethanolamine and exposure time, the SV is 0. Because of the complexity of the gamma-ray spectrum and the relatively high level of emission from the departmental air filtera thorough investigation was carried out using a high purity germanium detector.

Charlotte, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, was ranked in the top ten cities with the worst air quality for ozone in the United States by the American Lung Association from to Furthermore, a mixture of bacterial aerosols formed by V.


The airflow volume passing the sampler was linearly proportional to ambient wind speed and sensitive to wind direction.

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Moreover, mixed-frequency excitation is used to demonstrate a tunable wide band filter. Published by Elsevier Ltd. It was found that the nutrient fraction of dust particles entering the filter caused a significant change in the number of bioaerosols in both the transitional and stationary phases. Distance of sampling from the source field during planting of treated seed had an effect on total neonicotinoid air concentration.

Unshielded Cs and 60 Co point sources at the ground level were used to test the CsI spectrometer.

The primary potential particle inhalation hazard is depleted uranium. The test results showed that the orientation-averaged aspiration efficiencies of the two samplers closely agreed with the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists ACGIH inhalable convention within the particle sizes used in the evaluation tests, and the effect of the wind speed on the aspiration efficiency was found negligible. The target bay RTM correlated well 0. Concentrations determined with the passive samplers closely corresponded with those measured with the co-located honeycomb annular denuder systems.

The bowl chamber appears to provide the mpgg protection from the influence of direct photodegradation.

A 40188 assessment of passive air samplers for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. The plume from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor reached London in the morning of 1st May.

The goal of this study was to explore the effects of a clogged air filter on the fuel economy of vehicles operating over prescribed test cycles. Upon confirmation that the DUT meets the manufacturer’s accuracy criteria, the technician must place a calibration sticker or label denved the date of calibration, the expiration date dennver the calibration and an authorized signature. Experimental typing of the entry efficiency in calm air of an annular slot sampler ; Determination experimentale de l’efficacite de captage en air calme d’un echantillonneur a fente annulaire.


The ventilation system of a nuclear facility plays a vital role in ensuring that the air in working areas and the environment remains free from radioactive contamination. Several kinds of instruments are available to quantitate fungal propagule levels in air. The magnetic measurements have been combined with scanning denvet microscopy observations and analysis, in order to characterize the particles captured in the filters as natural and anthropogenic.

Ammonia transformation in a biotrickling air filter.

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In developing our steel filterswe first evaluated the commercially available stainless-steel filter media made from sintered powder and sintered fiber. It is absolutely necessary that the REF be more accurate than the DUT; otherwise, it can not be considered a reference instrument. Therefore, we compared the personal exposure monitoring performance of a passive PUF sampler with that of an active air sampler and determined the corresponding uptake rates Rs.

Recent innovations in software defined CMOS radio transceiver architectures heavily rely on high linearity switched-RC sampler and passive-mixer circuits, driven by digitally programmable multiphase clocks. Monodispersed particles ranging from 0. Mechanical reliability evaluation of alternate motors for use in a radioiodine air sampler.

Particulate matter accumulated on car engine air-filters CAFs was examined in order to investigate the potential use of these devices as efficient samplers for collecting street level air that people are exposed to.

Sampling rate and efficiency of diffuse samplers.