Has it responded that the email address is invalid? Each one uses different args. Reply Apparently you found the work in progress. The format of this value depends on the userdb driver. Mittlerweile laufen mehrere Mail-Server basierend auf deinen Tutorial. Although not required, it’s highly recommended even for virtual users. Do you have any suggestion what I do can try to fix it?

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User database extra fields

If anyone was listening, the password was exposed. SQL table creation command: The result values that can be used: Connected to database mailserver Nov 7 You can’t use multiple statements in one query, but you could use a stored procedure. For a user dovect, you need to set also uid, gid and preferably also home see VirtualUsers. Hauptsache die Artikel sind technisch und inhaltlich korrekt. Yes, I tried all of those tests. Userdb information generated from a given dovceot VPopMail: This assumes that the passdb already returned also all the required user database information Lua: Thanks for reading and everybodys help!


The commonly returned userdb fields are uid, gid, home and mail. Oh, da unten ist ja ein Flattr-Button, der xovecot wohl neu.

The current Wheezy tutorial deals with Wheezy’s Dovecot version which is 2. The final version should be available soon from a link on the home page. Hi, on dovecit I get a website message when I arrive at this webpage.

Prefetch User Database

Die Ausgabe von doveadm kann unter http: Reply Apparently you found the work in progress. My problem at the moment: That one letter at the end… Thank you very much for your help, userdbb thanks a ton for the great tutorials. If those mechanisms are used, the username is changed to be “user realm”. I have the same error even after changing the above mentioned lines in the configuration. The disadvantage is that if you are upgrading your mail server from a previous Debian version that you need to re-configure everything in Dovecot.

UserDatabase/ExtraFields – Dovecot Wiki

But we want to use the MySQL database backend so go ahead and change this covecot to:. Reply I ran into the same issues with my configuration. Eine Perle im Internet!


These fields can be returned the exact same way as uid, gid, and home fields. This drops out the domain from the username. Let me try to force an upgrade and see if that helps my issue. Your step-by-step description finally allowed me to repair things. If you already have emails stored on your server from previous versions of this ISPmail guide you need to change:. Iptables input for port and is accepted. Check whether Postfix can get information from the database properly.

To fix this, you can make the SQL database return a “user” fieldwhich makes Dovecot modify the username to the returned value. They can be used to provide default userdb fields based on templates in case they’re not specified for everyone in the passwd file.

Useerdb Information, und vor allem: You need to tell Dovecot where to find these files: