The one I use is ReadPixel’s and works wonderfully. I’ll need you to install the debug version of the driver and post your kernel. Install realtek driver using multibeast, network worked until restart. Finally I don’t have problems with randomly “disappearing” internet connection with Steam gaming platform: Please let me know what you need me to do to help you get this to work. Gracias por tu comentario! Yesterday I even had the little ethernet light going!

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Unfortunately, the s is a different family, and Linux’s r driver on which my RTL81xx is based doesn’t support it. Device Manager Tab Page – Figure As for advice, why not use Snow Leopard?

Can we please get a copy of your derived sources? The ‘no USB after reboot’ issue seems to be a direct result of the Realtek 2.

I have a computer with the following characteristics: Also, please see Reporting Problems above.

404 – Page not found.

It’s indeed GPL, and, having been contributing to Open Source software since the early 90s, I’m aware of my obligations. Sorry to hear about your issues with Snow.


First off thanks for all the hard work on this set of drivers.

If you are interested you can mail me at trograin [at]gmail. If you still have problems, please see Reporting Problems above.

See Reporting Problems in the post body. Thanks for the driver Lnx2Mac!! Just in case someone else experiences the same problem, here’s my bit!

Lnx2Mac’s Realtek RTL81xx Driver

After selecting when to restart the computer in Figureclick F. Actually, I’m still running it on my MacBookPro 17 but that’s due to lack of time to install and restore all my stuff.

Still working on this My server is very much depending on bonjour.

Any outcoming request causes dropping of the connection and after some seconds it re-enables rtl8111dp. See Reporting Problems above, and join the conversation.


Please post back if that helps. I have no idea what this DSDT has I can see the Ethernet Card on the System profiler but wasn’t able to set a connection in the Network Settings. All I get when I look in system profiler is “this computer does not rtl811cp to have any pci ethernet cards installed”. No abstract text available Text: Previous 1 2 Thanks, solved my issues with interface not available in windows after reboot and slow 10mbit connection in OSX.


RTL81xx OS X Driver [Lnx2Mac’s Blog]

As soon as I made DHCP to assign a local network address to the interface everything works like a charm. Insert the driver CD into the system.

Hope the wait won’t be too long All-in-one intel pentium or intel celeron panel pc tft lcd, wireless lan, bluetooth, touch screen rohs compliant, ip 64 protection pages. Network connection shown as active but it does not work. The InstallShield Wizard St How do I fix it?.