At that time there was no single binary driver available from my side anyway, everything has always been opensource this also has to be considered. In the referenced posting, you suggest that time could be used better to fix bugs. Cliques are a hard problem to beat and generally impossible , we can see so many examples of this screwing projects over. Markus was one of the authors of the original em28xx driver, first merged for the 2. Multiple drivers are easily accepted as temporary solution, but then someone must merge support for other hardware – and then we have “reiserfs situation” where developer works for it’s own feature and against all others

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This made inclusion of reiser4 more-or-less impossible: This attempt to exercise control over freely-licensed code was slapped down by Andrew Morton and others, but it left unpleasant memories behind.

The sad story of the em28xx driver

So I think your real objection isn’t to the developers’ allocation of their time, em28x to the way they choose to conduct their lives. Here we have again one guy against a supposed “clique” of kernel developers. The whole issues at that time gave him the opportunity to work on his own stuff even more to let the existing em28xx code left behind.

What we have here is a classic story of an impedance mismatch between a developer and the development community. Markus was one of the authors of the original em28xx driver, first merged for the 2. Finally his stuff got merged, bringing my code totally out of sync, and patches which got into mainstream were mostly linkx from my code too.


Building a em2xx front between developers who actually supported linux for a long time isn’t healthy. His efforts to enhance that driver quickly ran into trouble, though, when he tried to make substantial changes to the low-level tuner interface – changes which affected a number of other drivers.

Em28xx devices – LinuxTVWiki

I got around i2c-dev which allows the em28x of those shared components in userland, the only outstanding gap in order to remain compatible with existing tv apps was to add a small wrapper to resubmit the controls to userspace sick isn’t it?

If the code doesn’t get maintained and becomes unusable, we just drop it back out. Meanwhile, this driver contains the result of years of work and access to the relevant data sheets; linyx it out may not be in the best interests of kernel developers or users. That’s non sequitur to me. Just one, I have to write that Michael Krufky was also involved into why it turned bad.

The article mentions the confusion factor of having two similar drivers. Now one group the v4l group has taken over without taking other dvb people who managed the project before as a small group before Both upstream and the 4 duplicated drivers have similar functionality.

This review notwithstanding, Mauro has indicated that he is not interested in accepting this patch. The project is em28xs looking for lower skilled people who can be taught what to do do it as A or B says otherwise they’ll run against C.

CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX: Empia EM28xx USB video capture support

Ok I acknowledge that is what’s wanted and how it should be done. But such problems are common to drivers which have spent a lot of time out of tree; they are simply something to fix.


The approach aimed to have some compatibility level to the available BSD tuning modules. Markus Rechberger The sad story of the em28xx driver.

Only then liux I be in favor of merging the empia driver. It has coding style and copyright attribution problems; a quick review has also left your editor wondering about locking issues.

EM28xx cards list — The Linux Kernel documentation

Posted Nov 26, At that time nothing was a problem because there were only analog devices available. By Jonathan Corbet November 11, Over the last year or two, the kernel development process has been changed in a deliberate attempt to make the addition of new drivers easier.

This will be my last comment about everything unless someone starts to think clear about the whole situation.

Rather, a developer puts code into the mainline so that the whole rest of the world can maintain it. Take look on the story with Reiserfs and Reiser4: Eventually, Markus oinux back with a new approach which moved much of the tuner code into user space.

The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 26, A quick review of some of the history is in order here.