Go back and repeat step C from the beginning. Connect the power cable to the printer and apply power. Find a repair centre close. Wait for the green LED on the module to start blinking! Labels with both the MAC address and serial number are affixed to the module. To connect to your local network the Ethernet printer must be set to settings compatible with your network.

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A older, cheaper or gigabit newer ethernet switch and two ethernet cables. The printer and the Ethernet III module must have the same baud rates to communicate.

What’s in the box.

Using a web browser such as Internet Explorer you should now be able to connect to the adapter by entering the IP address of the adapter directly into the address bar of the browser. Wait netwokr the green LED on the module to start blinking!

If necessary, change the baud rate on the printer using the DIP switches or the baud rate on the module using jumpersso they agree. Specifically you need to elson the port you are using. Run a configuration report. Here is what mine looked like: Properly align and push the new module into the printer.


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Watch our How-to video on YouTube! All other switches remain OFF.

Compare IP settings at the printer side and computer side. Using a web browser, type the default IP address found on a label on the interface card into the address field of your web browser.

How to connect an Epson POS Printer with an Ethernet Adapter

Not signed in yet? These numbers are important when configuring the adapter- It is advisable to make a note of these values in a secure place. The Ethernet III module only supportsand baud rates. Take a small screwdriver or ball point pen and for a slow count to three, press on the button in the little hole on the ethernet port plate also circled in red.

How to connect an Epson POS printer with Ethernet Interface

The TNT technician found it easier to perform his task as well. Check the status of the printer in the Windows Control Panel, the printer should show status as ready. If this happens, cycle power, and wait for the Green LED to start blinking.

The IP address is set redundantly. The diagnostic printout should now show the changes you made.


Epson TM-UB (BC): Ethernet, PS, EDG – Epson

Assuming you have a successful printout of the default factory settings, you are ready to complete the final steps: Connect a computer directly spson an Ethernet printer using a crossover cable For example if the printer was set to Connect a computer directly to an Ethernet printer using a crossover networrk. Once the printing starts, you can let go of the page feed button.

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It is easily inserted and held in with two screws. The configuration report will now print. Get the initial settings of the Printer Run the printer self test hold down the feed button while turning on the printer.

For example of the adapter shows an IP address of