So that is probable the one I’ll go with. Thanks for the info. Apr 19, 20 signage Major Contributor 9, 18 38 Oct 5, Penn For the price they charge for their software you expect to get printer upgrades for several years! I really dont want to uninstall and reinstall this software as I have soo much configurations saved and believe I was only allowed one install as it was activated online. I’d also be very cautious about buying a previous version.

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Wow your hard drive is bigger than all 4 of my computers combined.

Share USB dongle over Network – how to duplicate a dongle

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Software developers want to secure their products from copying; to that end they introduce dongles. With USB Network Gate it is possible to see what client a USB device is currently connected to, which will certainly be helpful, if a user forgets to disconnect the dongle.

A hardware key has a product key or other protection mechanism.

FlexiStarter 10 Dongle Issue Today – Flexi – USCutter Forum

So I am going to uninstall all of the software, remove it all from the registry and install as dobgle it were a fresh pc.

Yes I understand keeping the work PC off the internet.


Term papers and assignment for printout, pictures from your last trip to the seaside, handy software tools to share with colleagues and friends are now conveniently stored on Flash drives instead of floppy disks and CDs. By attaching it to a computer or another electronic appliance a user can unlock software functionality or decode content or access a hardware device.

I imaged my PC after it was all setup and saved it away. I just unplug it from one computer and plug it into my laptop donglle I can show customers at their location or if I’m in the field and need to do something.

I use symantec ghost. And its all about money when you talk with them. I am betting its the FlexiStarter Used for authentication, USB Security dongles help protect your hardware or software from unauthorized access.

Bluetooth Dongles pass information between two computers and more, smartphones, and other devices — no extra cables or cords are required. Why is a dongle called a dongle? Launch FlexiHub, sign in using your newly created login credentials.

Sign In Sign Up. It is important to remember that only one computer flexsign be able to use a shared device at a time.

How to duplicate a USB dongle It is illegal to crack and duplicate hardware key, and please do not bother even googling this topic. I am going to image my drive the dongld it was back in January with all my software installed and working. Secondly, none of the tools seemed doongle work any donfle, it was basically the same program, with just a different layout. Connect from any client computer to the shared device.


Flexisibn I have to carry this dongle key back and forth all the time? By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

How do I fix this is my question. I have fleexisign on a flexible plug from Radio Shack so it won’t break if it is bumped. Apr 17, 3 Techman Major Contributor 8, 8 38 Jun 24, michigan Visit Site it has to have a donble or its not a legal copy.

How to share USB dongle over LAN or Internet

In my opinion you should go donglw a reputable dealer and buy the software. Here is how you can use it: Like I said this has been working since Januarary, what Kind of hokey pokey software is this?

Perhaps the majority of modern dongles are used for Memory and Storage.

I have been a certified Microsoft Support Technician for over 15 years. Sign up for a new account in our community.

How to share USB dongle over network.