Option “IgnoreABI” ” boolean ” Allow modules built for a different, potentially incompatible version of the X server to load. Composite can be used to specify composite sync on hardware where this is supported. For example, to switch to x at 60 Hz: The server will delete modes from this list which don’t satisfy various requirements. Configuration of X11 is a multi-step process.

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FreeBSD Manual Pages

This file should contain the following lines: Restart your system, you xorh see the ikms. Supported additional Video Mode: There is a known race condition where the machine can lock up when loading the graphics driver or starting X.

In most cases this is not required because the Xorg server probes the graphics board to determine this quantity. The Relative form specifies the offset of the screen’s origin upper left corner relative to the origin of another screen. This entry is not used by many drivers, and it should only be specified if the driver-specific documentation recommends it.

Font path elements can be absolute directory paths, catalogue directories or a font server identifier. When positioning to the right or left, the top edges are aligned. This file should contain the following lines:.


When this option is enabled, that key sequence has no special meaning and is passed to clients. All other entries are optional.

These multiple components are bound together in the Screen sections, and it is these that are referenced by the ServerLay- out section. You will have to reboot your machine to force hald to read this file. Starting with Xorg 7. It allows you to interactively define your configuration by choosing the appropriate drivers and settings.

The mode description is ter- minated with the EndMode keyword. Frebsd to the appropriate driver-specific documentation for details. Option “AllowNonLocalXvidtune” ” boolean ” This allows the xvidtune client and other clients that use the VidMode extension to connect from another host.

The Display subsection format is described in the section below. This page contains a table should illustrate the state of various Intel chipsets.

Option “InitPrimary” ” boolean ” Use the Int10 module to initialize the primary graphics card. When this entry is omitted, the valid modes refer- enced by the appropriate Monitor section will be used.


On some older versions of FreeBSD, the system console must be set to vt 4 before switching back to the text console will work properly. Setting the Number of Mouse Buttons.

Option “AccelerationProfile” ” integer ” Select the profile. Display subsections have the following format: Open the file in a text editor such as emacs 1 or ee 1.

Graphics – FreeBSD Wiki

A Screen section is considered “active” if it is referenced by an active ServerLayout section or by the -screen command line option. Currently the default configuration may not work as expected on all platforms.

The entries that may be used in this section are described here. AIGLX is enabled by default. The former are described in the driver-specific docu- mentation. SubSection “Display” Depth depth entries This information is called EDID information.