For an example of outer lettering see Figure 3. Discussion in ‘ Large Format ‘ started by daver 1 , Feb 2, Fujinon large format lenses have been manufactured with the following maximum apertures: The table is far from complete, and is a work in progress. Thanks, -D Coyote Images.

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In the two years since, they have become two of my favorite lenses see: The mm and mm L lenses were both in big, relatively expensive Copal 3 shutters. They are also the best source for information on current Fujinon products. Please select option below X.

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The is new and I have only exposed a few sheets with it, but the so fujii, I have had great results. How much is the shipping cost? The 65mm f8 SW was discontinued by the time the April, brochure was published. Will remanufactured toner cartridges void my printer warranty?

Share This Page Tweet. I use them mainly for portraits.

So, I think it’s fairly safe to assume neither of these models were ever offered with EBC multicoatings. You may also be interested in xerox ct Even though that table has some gaps, some trends are already evident such as fuuji introduction and discontinuation dates for some models and when, approximately, some models transitioned from single coating to EBC multicoating.


Fuji Xerox DocuPrint A, A – CT (end 12/4/ PM)

Copal S – this is the older style Copal shutter with a serrated, chrome speed setting ring. Discussion in ‘ Large Format ‘ started by daver 1Feb 2, With the limited data I have collected so far, the best you can do based on serial numbers is get a feel for the relative ages of two lenses of the same type.

Everyone says these are “sharp and contrasty” lenses, but I find it hard to translate that into something meaningful relative to portraits. Other than the chrome plated finish on the speed setting ring, it is identical in appearance to the current all back Copal shutter.

In that brochure, the 65mm f8 SW, like all the other SW series focal lengths, is listed as single coated. In the Fujinon Professional Lenses brochures from April, and March,the column for this lens in the spec table is shaded green – indicating that it 2400a EBC multicoated.

Let’s start by defining the column headings and the meaning of the entries in the table. If you wish to make payment via cheque, you will have to follow the procedure as below: For an example of a Copal S style shutter, see Figure 2.

With the exception of the SF line, all current Fujinon large format lenses use outer lettering. I’m happy with my little single coated mm f.


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One further anomaly is the little mm f6. We sell original and recycle remanufactured toner in this store. So, I’d really like to get my hands on some official Fujinon literature from this time period. I know the lenses produce nice images, not as nice as the old Schneider Apo-Artars, but at least equal to the Nikkor lenses of similar focal lengths that I’ve tried.

Through Ebay, I managed to obtain samples of each along with a bunch of other stuff I don’t really need and can’t really afford.

If you have any Fujinon large format lenses, and would like to contribute data to this table, please email the information on your lenses see Definitions below for a description of the column headings: As for the longer lengths, I use the A and the Nikkor M vut they are all superb lenses.

I have one of the little ruji f6. Current samples are EBC multicoated and in all black Copal shutters.

However, I suspect this may be an error the Fujinon literature from this period is wrought with errors and inconsistencies.