Enter the System Administrator password using the numeric keypad on the control panel. Open the paper tray. When the document is sent by Direct Send, there may be some delay between the cancel instruction and the actual end of transmission. Mixed Size Originals Specifications This section lists the main specifications of the machine.

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Send Header Configure the default settings for the header information.

Enter text from picture: Specifying Destinations Address Book Use this feature to quickly search and enter registered destinations by selecting an entry from the list or using [Search by Index]. Auto Tray Switch To move this product to another location, contact your local Fuji Xerox representative.

CT200401,Compatible Fuji Xerox Docucentre 186 156 1085 1055 Toner Cartridge

Once you notice any unusual condition, switch off and unplug this product first and contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. Page 6 Print Poster Divides and enlarges a document, 1805 prints each divided part onto multiple sheets of paper.


Keep the minimum clearance as follows for ventilation.

System Settings 9 Setups System Settings This screen allows you to select features for the settings you want to configure or change. Chapter 9 Setups Explains how to set machine settings. Otherwise, it cenrte cause injuries or burns.

Stop The E-mail Job Job Type Displays the type of job.

Page 7 Table of Contents Xeroc Tone U, U, Turn the power off and on. If Tray 5 bypass tray is selected, this function is disabled.

When Using The Copy Feature If ink comes into contact with your skin, wash immediately. Post Send — Use this feature when the specified time is reached, the machine checks whether the document scheduled for transmission is present. Page Terms Defined Dial Tone A tone sounds from the telephone line when a remote machine receives a call. You can also send a PDF file directly to the machine for printing without using the print driver.

DocuCentre Fuji Xerox

Start The Copy Job Fuji Dochment is not responsible for any breakdown of machines due to infection of computer virus or computer hacking. It also contains troubleshooting steps to help resolve problems. Mixed Size Originals Customize Screens 9 Setups Customize Screens Use this feature to rearrange the locations of menu items on the Fax screen.


Open the document feeder cover and remove the documents.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre 1085 User Manual

It may break the glass and cause injuries. Remote Post Specify whether or not a password is required to register a document on a bulletin board. It is not possible to specify which way up the document should be.

If it is incorrect, you are prompted to re-enter a 3-digit code. Refer to the information contained in this chapter to resolve any problem solving issues.

Jobs For more information about each functional page, refer to the following. Speed Dialing A form of abbreviated dialing of a number by entering a 3-digit code. How can I pay?