The GF4 MX also runs at a much higher clock speed. Fortunately, the MXx has an acceptable one. Now have a look at the accessory packs. This is the ABIT’s proprietary cooler in the form of a truncated pyramid with a fan in the center. What about the additional clock speed?

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Unreal Tournament Demo The competitors look equal without the extra load, and the MXx lags a little behind in case of AA and anisotropy. Actually, they lifted up only the memory frequency from to MHz to DDRand the speed went up markedly. It makes possible to connect the card to two digital monitors, contrary to other similar models.

As for the tested samples, together with the ViewSonic P monitor and BNC Bargo cable the cards showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and frequencies: Only when we made some changes in the drivers and rebooted the Windows, the image was successfully returned to the monitor.

Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing And even the increased frequencies didn’t bring to ASUS the expected gain. Will the new fg4 be competitive against the Ti ? For comparison we used the following cards: InnoVision keeps to its traditions and mounts onto the mainstream card a cooler of an unsophisticated design, which is always stuck to the chip by assemblers in spite of the clips.


EVGA e-GeForce4 MX X graphics card – GF4 MX – 64 MB Overview – CNET

No Interruptions Day Shortbread. What does the move to AGP 8X get you? So, today this 440-x the fastest MXx based solution with higher default frequencies.

I must say that when the TV is connected to the card and the monitor is attached with the d-Sub, an image appears only on the TV screen. It’s a GeForce3 that’s been bonging Miracle-Gro. I’d expect many of the retail cards to arrive with active cooling in order to appeal to overclockers, but the MX does indeed work without a fan. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Steam names the best-selling games of The cooler comes with a tachometer, and it’s possible to monitor the fan’s speed.

All the cards ship in the retail package.

That is probably why external TV codecs are used more often. That’s all we had to say about peculiarities of the card. The Hardware Monitoring is realized by the SmartDoctor utility which comes with the other software. Besides, we will pump the cards through the tough modes with AA 2x and anisotropy 2x unfortunately, the MXx can’t 4440-8x at higher levels. And it depends on the memory’s clock speed. The GF4 MX also runs at a much higher clock speed.


The new MX turned to be faster than the old one, but not at the expense of the 440-8, but due to the higher clock speeds. The GF4 Tiof 440-x8, is a true DirectX 8-class chip with dual vertex shaders and real pixel shaders. OK, maybe that’s not fair.

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440-8x

The Second Encounter v. In our 3Digest you can find complete comparison characteristics of video cards of this and other classes. ABIT changed a bag back for a usual box.

The Cyberlink PowerDirector is used for video capture. The other two cards don’t have any interesting differences from the reference sample.