The video card might not provide any hardware assist, which will increase the CPU utilization, but a C2D should be fine. X displays on both monitors in clone mode, with my built-in screen at x, while my external monitor is at some really low resolution I’m not exactly sure, but it’s probably somewhere around x I couldn’t find any documentation for this option, so if you didn’t already know what reduced blanking was, the postinstallation notice for xorg-server probably wouldn’t help. Hi everyone, I’m woefully behind in all the terms and don’t really know what parts of the computer are responsible exactly for what so please bear with me if I spout nonsense To post a comment you must log in.

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But when I try to change to x or x, my monitor goes blank, and then displays 905 following: I’m replying in bulk so I can get everyone pointed into a direction most likely to result in getting you a useful workaround and us a complete bug report that can be solved. I would ask that you first go through the appropriate guide for your problem, particularly if you are having problems with resolution, crashes, fonts, or blank screen issues, and then file a bug report using the following command:.


On 4-Dec, at 1: Extended BIOS function 0x5f05 failed.

Most of these problems 905 issues that have documented troubleshooting procedures, so perhaps the 2407wffp helpful thing I can do is point you to them:. There’s several sites on the net running the script and it can be googled if one goes down, but here’s the one I’ve got in my bookmarks: Bus Device You could verify that the vertical refresh and horizontal rates are correctly detected, or specify them manually in xorg.

Activating tiled memory for the back buffer.

After making that change, I suppose you’ll need to list all the modes you care about for either monitor in the single screen section. Enabled II I 0: C’est encore autre chose Display plane B is now disabled and connected to Pipe B. Quelle version d’Ubuntu utilises-tu? I got the Macbook over the pro since I don’t ever play games on my computer yay, Wii!

Intel GMA 950 can drive HD video at 1920×1200?

A Gossamer Threads company. Memory at offset 0x0fffa, size 4 kBytes II I 0: Que donne un “lspci”? Of course, this is what ATI and Nvidia claim. What it won’t do as well as a discrete solution i.


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The only graphics intensive thing I can see myself doing is watching HD videos. Nov 8, Posts: Sun Nov 1 Mailing List Archive GT.

I have noticed that the player makes used for playback can make a big difference. Memory at offset 0x0d, size kBytes II I 0: I’ve ordered the Dell wfp and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Mailing List Archive: MacBook Intel GMA w/ Dell WFP monitor – display problems

Memory at offset 0x0e, size kBytes II I 0: Does the same also apply to the horizontal scan frequency? Not using mode “x” no mode of this name. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to get the monitor to use x mode with the reduced blanking option turned on. I would appreciate any help on this.

However, I’m slow at this. What about when viewing HD trailers from Apple’s website, say?