I never was big fan you synthetic midi music, well i was always good as background especially for very action games, but i never cared too much except very few songs. Info added to compatibility guide. DOSSound first checks whether a soundblaster card is installed. You cannot load a new file while the previous file is still playing in the background. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I never heard so bad midi not really similar to original music at all , in comparison with Yamaha or Creative! Most DOS audio applications are based on the Soundblaster cards and their compatibles.

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Last edited by Falcosoft on Board index All times are UTC. When installed as a TSR driver using calls to interrupt 64h any application program can request a wave file to be played, adjust the loudness etc.

Partially filled buffers will be padded with zeros 00h since DOSSound clears the buffer after it is played. So 1F1Fh will virtually mute the speakers. You ihc10 have to load the DOSSound. I never heard so bad midi not really similar to original music at allin comparision with Yamaha or Creative!


Live, i have ems problems on this machine KB, we discussion it in EMM threadi will test problematic games with Yamaha too. This number is at address ES: The application has to monitor the number of the buffer currently playing.

Pressing the letter in red color selects a function. You should not have Midi hanging note bug.

If you want respect, gain it by your behavior. I also had to ihc10 the tppatch because even a PII is too fast. Only the segment address is specified, the offset is always zero.

DOS ain’t dead – DOS on intel P43+ICH10 test

Google [Bot] and 2 guests. The memory requirements of DOSSound are relatively low. All projects are currently on the backburner, but ARE being worked on. The programming interface of DOSSound is much simpler than the Soundblaster inferface, so it should be very easy to adapt existing applications to this interface.

For real mode DOS there is almost no driver available which supports the new audio hardware on todays PC’s. I did all my testing for now with 3. I never heard so bad midi not really similar to original music at allin comparison with Yamaha or Creative!


There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. It will play the file relying on these interrupts being called by the system or DOS. Wave file player application 5. You need a reasonably fast PC for this to work. This function is not supported for Soundblaster cards.

DOS ain’t dead

Info added to compatibility guide. So a returned value of hex means hex bytes buffer size. Main Core 2 machines advantage is still in much bigger sound cards choice possibilities.

This interface can be used by games, audio players etc. This thread just got linked to in Phils latast video. The value doss to be entered in HEX. The gfx were corrupt though when using umbpci, because my mobo isn’t compatible with umbpci when booting from floppy. The driver itself needs about 8kb plus 22k for its buffers. Users browsing this forum: