I finally got it out and looked it over. I opened it up and my computer won’t even recognize. Once registered, all courses will download and install onto your computer. Get training in the comfort of your own home or at work. So I searched through my laptop for a file that was large enough to transfer onto the drive for timed results. Inventor Studio Inventor Assemblies and Advanced Concepts Inventor

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1 gig iLogic USB drive not recognized by computer – TechSpot Forums

You win some, you lose some. I hope I can take it back. I have an Ilogic 1GB flash drive and just accidently ran it through the washer and dryer and it still work!!!! My iLogic 1 Gb flash drive took files for about 4 hours, then stopped — no files, ub format, shows 8 Mb of space but won’t take files.

Joe G June 20, at 8: I know I won’t trust buy iLogic again.


1 gig iLogic USB drive not recognized by computer

This course offers Tips and Tricks of the trade to increase your productivity. So ilkgic this a basic course? VinoQuedadas trabaja con ONGs, si perteneces a unaqueremos colaborar con ella.

This thing is a piece of garbage. Assemblies and Advanced Concepts Inventor It has a limited storage capability, but I have found great use in it when it comes to transferring files to my desktop, iloogic as pictures I have been working on or the like.

Create custom parts and assemblies with your own custom input dialog boxes. Is that of sugar or sodium?

I know this flash drive is bad. By the end of ologic course you will be able to create a new assembly, all its components, and 2D drawings of all the components and assemblies with a single click of a button.

Have any question, concerns, or comments? Automatically Create Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings!

Technology Journalist Survival Kit. Solid Modeling Inventor Descubre la variedad de VinoQuedadas. But the one I purchased happened to, and still does, work great. Angry Video Game Nerd: Receive news updates via email from this site.


Autodesk Inventor Video Training Course – iLogic Made Simple USB: 7+ Hours TEDCF Publishing

Inventor Studio Inventor We ship a USB to you. Curt June 20, at 8: Neither will my other two computers, one older, one two years old and one less than a year old. Trial version is available upon request. Annie June 20, at ilobic Buy the Download Only I bought it to transfer files from work to home. You need to have a strong foundation of Inventor skills, which are taught in the first 6 courses of our Inventor training series.

I notice plenty of other people report this same problem. Inventor Studio Inventor