Margin Settings To cancel changes to the settings, touch [Cancel]. Touch [Select] to enter the specified pages and display the Chapter screen with the list of specified pages. Using the keypad, type in the desired number of copies. Page 73 Touch [2 User Setting]. Install the staple cartridge. Function Combination Table Appendix The Finishing screen appears.

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How is the printing of a sample copy stopped?

In the screen that appears, requesting confirmation to delete the copy program, touch [Yes] to delete the selected copy program. Page Copies can be stapled together before they are fed out. To cancel the Staple settings, touch [Corner] or [2 Position] again to deselect it. Managing Jobs Programming copy settings Z- folding unit must be installed. To load paper LCT Open the upper door of the large capacity tray. The Finisher Adjustment screen appears.

Check the punch positions in the sample copy. Make copies using the desired copy settings. The print position is adjusted. Replacing The Staple Cartridge Page 0 When user authentication has been set, only users that enter passwords for specified accounts can use this machine. Before Imagisttics Copies Reminder Do not close the paper tray with too much force, otherwise imxgistics weight of the tray and paper will apply an impact to the machine that may cause damage.


Space Requirements Installation and Operation Precautions Space Requirements To ensure that machine operation, consumables replenishing, part imagostics ment, and regular maintenance can easily be performed, adhere to the rec- kmagistics space requirements detailed below. A diagonal line indicates a prohibited course of action. The sheet setting screen appears.

Page To check the counter Display the Administrator Setting screen. Administrator Security Level Position the original face down onto the original glass. After the machine has finished warming up, the scanned image will be printed. The Paper screen appears. When specifying a page in a double-sided original, the front and back sides imagisticd one page are considered as two pages.

Imagistics im Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

When loading the paper, make sure that it fits well against the right side of the paper tray, not the trailing-edge guide. Caution Notations And Labels High voltage is present around this part. Page Used to pull out the iim7520 when clearing paper mis- feeds paper misfeeds Opened when clearing paper misfeeds Punch dust box Removed um7520 emptying punch dust that has ac- cumulated from using the Punch settings See p.


Remove the trailing-edge guide, and then insert it at the position for the desired paper size.

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Touch [OK] four times. Lower by pressing the bottom-plate-lowering button. Use paper with the same size for the cover pages and for the main body of the original, and load them in the same orientation.

To finish checking the settings, touch [Close] or [Exit], or press the [Re- set] key.

Displays only jobs that were deleted before they were finished — Imagiatics Jobs: Otherwise, cancel the Utility mode by touching [Close] in each screen until the screen for the Copy, Scan or Box mode appears. On this page you will find some of the most popular items we offer for the Imagistics im Toner machine. To change the default settings for Scan modepress the [Scan] key, en- ter Utility mode, and then select a setting for this parameter.