You should be able to use any browser that supports JavaScript I’ve only checked with Netscape so far. How I am supposed to know which port is data, control and status. Comments 5 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. I went on a google hunt and came up with the following sites: After some debugging with my first steps of DDD, the Linux debugger I got it running when the wheels were not touching the ground!!! So this means that every task should call ioperm.

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But the IO-AD did not work. You can also use this guide for other distributions but then you have to find an alternative source of information for downloading and installing the kernel sources. I was able to get running-light to work.

Linud this works fine. Now I got it working! The robot wheels are not optimized for minimal frictionso that is my next goal: This can be done with an ADC that is present on the K board hey, that’s why I bought this board in the first place: My current setup is sendmail sending via my Google Mail account.


I tried to search which chip is on the ard to get the specifications but without much luck. If you change directory you will see 3 files: Linjx main Sourceforge page is back under the community’s control Yea!

In case it is low, a message is send to the main task.

Linux Home Automation

DigiSpeaker is designed to be installed in the walls and ceilings of homes. The values that are received for the left and right motor are directly passed to the motors. Hope to have more soon. The first ‘toy’ I can remember reading about was the networked soda machine and the networked elevator I need linyx.

Prepare the kernel sources using the commands: From my grandmother I received a long long time ago some meccano. I use the libk library and it works nicely with a computer which have LPT1-port in mainboard.

It supports communication with X10 devices and the 2-way Insteon communication protocol. Here are the drawings: These pages are being slowly moved to http: I increased the delays to tenfold in the three lines in k Fortunately swapping the power supplies is not so difficult about 4 connectors.

Velleman K & Linux HOWTO: Introduction

Here is it’s implementation roughly: The robot I developed was nice, but now I ran into some practical problems: It’s uses include home automation and lighting control but is certainly not limited to those functions. His code allows the devices to pick up more than just one house code.


Velleman requires a kernel module which is not enabled per default in the Fedora kernels. All these tasks can write to the log file.

Projet K8000 Midi controller

This page is dedicated to Insteon software for Linux. We the authors and I do not provide any warranty at all. Also the GUI makes it easy to develop code, configure the system etc.

This seems ideal for the job. No other connections to the unit are necessary although some connections are desirable depending on the installation. All sourcing, transportation, processing and amplification of the music 8k000 is done digitally. I tried to define those values in the k