Various websites are visited automatically in medium brightness. Although its name might suggest that it is a dedicated graphics card, it is a processor-integrated unit like Intel’s HD installed in the E The power consumption naturally climbs during load. Nevertheless, the installed Seagate hard disk does a good job as a conventional HDD solution. Our Wi-Fi test provides a very realistic rate. The business laptop’s 65W PSU is one of the smallest of its kind. Colors clearly distort particularly on the vertical plane, i.

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Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E Notebook – Reviews

Expected standards, such as an Ethernet port for cabled and Wi-Fi for wireless access to the World Wide Web, are just as present as a Bluetooth interface for wireless data transmission. Again, technical excellence cannot be expected here. We show the least amount of ads lenobo possible.

A big gap is created in the base unit’s back part when the battery is removed.

Thus, the E does a good job in this category seeing that Lenovo’s laptop technically reaches a higher system load capacity much faster due to its very low performance than almost every other device. Speakers The ThinkPad Edge E’s speakers, which extend over the laptop’s entire front, again belong to the broad average. The touchpad did not quite continue the keyboard’s good impression.


This is due to the battery, which is positioned between both display hinges at the rear. Our Wi-Fi test provides a very realistic rate. The business laptop’s 65W PSU is one of the smallest of its kind. In addition to the laptop itself, there is a 65 Watt PSU and a quick start guide with the most important information.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E335 Notebook

Compared with the previous ThinkPad Edge E model’s screen, the screen in the E achieves similar color space coverage, while our test model’s screen is almost identical with the bigger ThinkPad L Regrettably, the ThinkPad Edge E’s screen also subjectively lacks contrast, crisp and brilliant colors. The test device virtually never exhibited the applied load during the stress test. Alternatively, the next higher ThinkPad category e. It exclusively uses computing units from the competitor, AMD. Samsung Series 5 u3c.

It 72gg very impressive in the test subjectively. A very low temperature was perceived even on the “hottest” spots of the wrist rest. The buyer can find more detailed information in the form of electronic manuals on Lenovo’s website.

The entry-level business laptop also looks good from the back.


The E’s hardware components do not belong to the biggest power guzzlers, again because of the weak computing performance. Please, switch off ad blockers. The rubber-coated display lid gives the laptop grip Office laptop for tight budgets. However, we have to point out that only few and more expensive premium screens achieve this and that it is more lenlvo for professional picture editing.

lenovk This is also the case in the ThinkPad Edge E, with a few exceptions. It generally makes a fairly pale impression. The practical gaming tests confirmed his impression. This even beats the 9.

Touchpad The touchpad did not quite continue the keyboard’s good impression. Consequently, Lenovo’s business laptop can be easily used on the lap.

ThinkStation,ThinkStation C30,ModelG

Thus, the casing first dents slightly under higher pressure and only in a few places. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. Newbies need to get used to the red trackpoint, but it is a must on a ThinkPad.