That Examples on how to use pre switches and aux means: Situation You own a digital mixer and wish to use all available channels. All configurations can be made with a simply mouse click and saved in the mixer setup. Page 41 With a click on an entry of an in- or output in the Hint: Enter text from picture:

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Namely, the revolutionary latency-boost technology enables a direct communication with the hardware, decreasing and stabilizing the latency times on the USB 2 bus.

Marian: UCON CX

ADAT converter has to be configured as clock master. With a click on an entry of an in- or output in the Hint: Modular and handy mixer mariwn setup dialogues enable the manipulation of many parameters and the display of all in and outputs. For this, please get in uckn with our support service. The Mixer The Mixer What is it all about? But not enough, USB 2 extension boards for the pci bus are unbeatable cheap, so even inappropriate on board chipsets may be replaced easily. The stereo image is excellent.

Choose bigger values e.

Marian: UCON CX – USB2 Chipsets

The pre-function of the level meter allows exact control of incoming signals. The current album – “Confidence” – excellent produced, pretentious roots reggae with heart and soul, not marizn climbed to number one in the German CD charts, but reached multi platinum. But within a compound of digital audio devices, the clock has to be the same — everywhere. Service And Support For this, please get in contact with our support service.


In connection with the sound optimized circuit design all connectors deliver professional audio specifications. That includes exact level metering, flexible monitoring and synchronisation settings.

Images : Marian Ucon CX

With standard ASIO very small latency times can be achieved. In this window all input channels and the master section of the UCON manager are shown.

It combines on minimal space not only a high number of channels and offers a variety of connectors, but also represents a harmonic combination of profound and newly developed MARIAN technologies. Originally planed for his mobile laptop studio and some simple live recordings only, the UCON qualified itself as an universal tool.

If external devices are configured as clock slaves, they will work This is needed when consulting our support service with certain questions. maarian

Marian UCON CX

In the appendix you can find different ways of how jcon contact the support service. This may result in certain disadvantages. All configurations can be made with a simply mouse click and saved in the mixer setup.


Check the corresponding settings! Different mixer sums and a phones output with adjustable gain.

The frequency spectrum presents itself well-balanced, clear and brilliant. For diagnostically purposes it is cd to deactivate this option, since it can provide a good hint on searching causes for problems in this field. The evolved clock technology with automatic jitter suppression and high quality signal recovery takes care for optimal sound results even if the reference clock is of bad quality.

Start playing back a simple signal e. A directly recorded Sax sounds already perfect.

By ucoh, error- and warning messages are therefore deactivated. Inputs and outputs Analog: Band and artist are long-term workmates and appreciate each other. Generally, a driver update checks the current operating program of the UCON CX, and performs, if needed, an automatic update.

The Mixer What is it all about?