It’s a slap in the face of each of us as consumers that Apple continues to turn a blind eye to this problem. She said, “Mom, I’ve had to have three drives replaced! Only after I broke its connector to the motherboard did I realize the Superdrive sits in a snap-in plastic carrier and would have been easy to replace if I’d known that. Typical of the idea of TidBits, your article is “the missing link” in owning a Mac. Also annoying was that the replacement drive didn’t fit quite right, because the snap-in carrier replaces the bezel at the mouth of the drive.

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And the TV for movies. You are effectively installing new functionality into a hardware device like NASA transmitting new instructions to the Mars Global Surveyor.

Matsushita UJ RPC-1 (Region-Free) Update Available | MacRumors Forums

So it appears that Apple? The computer however was shutting down and I could not stop it.

I just upgraded the superdrive firmware don? And I suspect most us are not just one-time Apple consumers. Solutions Offered — Despite ongoing debate over the causes of the problems, many solutions have been proposed. Another thread on SuperDrive problems that Apple has marked “Answered”, but it hasn’t been answered at all: Last week I bought a replacement internal Superdrive from macsales.


Truth is we won’t matsyita if this is a single problem with a single solution until such time as Apple first admits the problem exists and then begins some effort to correct it!

The first drive was replaced, but the problem matsihta. As of this writing, that thread now contains over messages and has been viewed over 30, times. Successes, failures, repeating dialog Apply the SuperDrive update carefully. One user reports that he can no longer read his own burned CDs if they are of one specific brand.

I’ve been using Macs exlusively since the 80s. You may not even be aware that the update is underway.

This was my first Mac and I am very disappointed in the quality, For the price of one out of warenty repair I have almost bought a new pc. Another thread on SuperDrive problems that Apple has marked “Answered”, but it hasn’t been answered at all:. If you use Software Update and there are other updates besides the Superdrive update then the other installer s will block the alert from the Superdrive firmware update that warns not to shut down the computer until the update is completed.

I have a 17″ Powerbook running Affected disc types vary: I passed on their offer, bought evd new drive off eBay and installed it myself at a significantly lower cost. Download the standalone updater. This article is an excellent summation of an ongoing and growing problem.


I can’t believe Apple’s quality has gone down so much that thousands of users have faulty superdrives, and Apple won’t even address the problem. Currently I don’t need to use CDs much, but it’s annoying that the problem has ,atshita really been diagnosed.

Matsushita UJ-857 RPC-1 (Region-Free) Update Available

I’ve had a few Matsushita disc burners fail. I used some Ij often, and some only for System Updates, but they all fail after roughly 18 months. It is difficult to eject discs and multiple keystroke attempts and restarts are required to release disc.

If so, just remove it. Successes, failures, repeating dialog Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Symptoms and Variables — These Matshkta problems evince a few common symptoms: Apple power supplies can 587e dodgy and this has worked for external drives with the same troubles. Another user argued in support of a software cause when he found he was unable to mount a disc on his Mac even when using an external optical drive.

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