Motic Trace for teaching forensic and first-level evidence processing centers. The so-called ‘C mount’ on camera and relay lens is an industry standard, so if desired a simple adaptor can be bought from most microscope dealers to insert camera directly into eyepiece tube as shown earlier. The calibration details are automatically saved in a calibration table shown right. The camera exposure works well with these even toned type subjects. The fourth screw is a quick release attachment to the relay lens. The main capture screen of the software is shown below. Video or time lapse capture.

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An attachable camera containing a sensitive professional imaging chip housed inside a C-Mount case including a removable IR cut-off filter.

Er zijn nog geen beoordelingen voor dit product. Leica Upright Microscopes Inverted Microscopes. You have turned your conventional microscope into a digital microscope.

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Measurements can be taken at leisure afterwards on the image capture. Full screen of Motic Images Plus 2. Motic offers other software packages. Moticam The Moticam is a high-resolution live imaging microscopy camera.

Everything that you may need cameta work with your Moticam is included in one box. Click image for master 1. Remove an eyepiece from the microscope and replace it with the Moticam-Eyetube adapter combination.


Navicula lyra image crop. The Moticam is a competitively priced high-resolution live imaging microscopy camera. If the author’s often frustrating! View, capture, edit, make reports Assembly, Multi-focus and Segmentation which is a superior counting module. Attach this camera to your microscope’s eyepiece or to a trinocular port and view live images on a PC, Projector or a TV Monitor simultaneously thanks to the ‘s triple output.

The file is resized from the x master. Measurement tools can be used both on live images as well as on captured ones, and measurement data can be exported at any time for further analysis.

Motic Digital Microscope Moticam 1 USB Camera with measurement and image processing software option

Camera on the supplied macro stand with 16 mm lens. Vragen Contact Mijn account. A grey button bottom left allows full screen preview for larger preview settings.

An amoeba presents no problems on the speed front! Us have kindly told me that ‘ the chips inside the Moticam are updated from time to time, either on our input or from the chip manufacturer’. A quick try of the webcam with relay lens on 10×40 binoculars gave no vignetting. Could be useful for e. Unretouched captures apart from resize. The main capture xamera of the software is shown below.


Microscope Cameras – Panthera,Microscope and Microscopy Solutions by Motic

Log in om dit product aan je wensenlijst toe te jotic. Moticam For more than a decade, Motic has been leading the market in affordable, High Quality Digital microscopy solutions.

The background subtraction feature is particularly handy as here at the lowest mag settings. If measuring software with calibration features are required there are also excellent freeware or shareware software packages like Marien van Westen’s Micam software which seem to work with a variety of USB cameras.

Four centring mounts 28 mm, 30 mm, 34 caemra, 35 mm with quick release. Onto the eyepiece Simply attach the camera to the focusable macro lens and select the correct eyepiece coupler for your microscope.

Digital Microscope Cameras

Free editing software like VirtualDub offers plenty of facilities for resizing, cropping and compressing. Mktic appropriate calibration for the optics used is selected in the measure tab drop down menu shown below.

Objective Imaging Imaging Software.