I might be able to reset the hardware, but I assume it will reset anyway when I update the firmware. Yeah, I agree it is best to keep the DAW offline. I rebooted and that didn’t work. Do it on site using the back-lit LCD and front-panel controls. View input gain values in the LCD display as you make adjustments.

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The Traveler is well hraveler and well executed, and anyone who is looking for a full-featured recording interface should definitely consider buying it. CueMix Console provides Talkback and Listenback buttons. Microsoft owes me half a dozen tylenol Mix to any four output pairs you wish. Setting up and software installation is very straightforward and it’s quite a liberating moment when you power up a laptop-based system for the first time and realise there’s not a mains lead in sight.

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It was working fine, I was working on 2 different projects lately. Net and IE security ones. Each mix can support all 20 inputs: I did notice that Windows 7 ran some sort of huge update on both my systems recently with at least one if not two reboots before it was applied which may or may not be relevant.


Windows 98Windows MEWindows I do not want the latest firewire drivers, I’d rather stick with the legacy which have not changed in several years. In addition, the headphones and main outputs are available as separate mix destinations.

Installer contains a version 1. View input gain values in travsler LCD display as you make adjustments. Update chipset drivers Intel driver update or AMD equivalent.

MOTU audio interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools 9

Don’t traveller if you’re connected via USB or firewire, but you can try powering off and then back on to see if that fixes the problem. Powered by your computer’s FireWire bus, the Traveler gives you a complete, battery-operated studio wherever your recording projects take you.

I’m currently connected via Firewire. Need to tweak the mix? Just plug in any DC power adapter volts, tip positive or negative.

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You can even use the Traveler as a stand-alone mixer. I closed Sonar earlier today, then opened it again later and when it came up, it told me that there were no audio devices connected for it to use.

Heck, my backup DAW, circaworks just as good as the day I bought it. Create up to four independent stereo mixes and adjust them on the fly with the front panel display. Watton, Norfolk, UK Status: You don’t even have to be a super-spy lock-picking ninja to plant a listening device – just use the microphone that’s built in to every laptop.


Most likely, there’s either some corruption or confusion within the registry concerning ,otu drivers. Power down your MOTU hardware.

Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, choose PCI install option, follow on-screen instructions, and restart. I’ve had my unit sinceand it never used to exhibit this kind of behavior until the recent last year. Because the mixing takes place in the Traveler itself, your computer’s processor is free for other tasks. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

I had the legacy drivers set for before, Awio checked and they were still being used, but I reinstalled them anyway just in case, but to no avail.

Also supports four channels of 96kHz digital audio. This allows you to record, for example, your entire mix – including monitored inputs – back into the computer. Dedicated LEDs display audio levels, tach and lock status, and clock rate.