Well i don’t know if it is fixed or not but have been playing solidly for about 3 hours now woot, finally making a bit of progress in game, I am running ATI HD which handles everything I have thrown at it but SWToR which kind of annoys me a little bit, have been scavaging the forums to fix this and so far, normal settings worked. There are some of us who are trying to troubleshoot the issue. If you are having the problem by all means post here and please link to use your DxDiag report so we can look at it. Different non-reference board designs from vendors may lead to slight variations in actual TDP. Ethernet Controller Device ID:

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I’m not having hard crashes, just black screen to desktop. I started having all kinds of difficulty booting.

MSI RX9800PRO-TD128 Free Driver Download (Official)

Posted March 18, I am on Nvidia I have problems with crashing to Desktop. Once again this just started about an hour ago.

GCN 3 rd gen 28 nm.

Posted May 22, You can find some guideline on how to retrieve logs in this thread http: Radoen all it’s worth, my brother was having the same problem. Enabled Sound Devices Description: Seriously guys, what is going on here?

I finally got mine to run for about two hours by forcing Anti Aliasing up to 8x and using the in-game V-Sync. For those who have still the same problem, please make sure that you are running a spyware clean pc.


As he stated, we payed good money for this game and waited a long time. It is preferably used for a frame buffer. I’ll wait until I get my PC back from the factory and see if it fixes it while Bioware can wait to fix their end too vs.

Error Fix – EMC 8 – Install / Uninstall / Update – Roxio Community

Plus the guild I am in is a very high end guild that is advancing without me. Sometimes I would get a dozen or so windows on the screen telling me that DAO could not be found. I try this – for 3 times that i play – i had no reboot. It’s also probably one of the main reasons why the SWTOR devs havent full addressed this publically yet.

My wife was having this problem also and by sheer chance she decided to do a compatability check and it pgo to run in windows xp sp2 mode so she did and she played all night yesterday and this morning.

Black Screen to hard crash shutdown has happened to me twice today. If you are still encountering this issue after checking all of the above, please contact Customer Support.

Right now I am to the point where I truly think that the problem is on Biowears end but it still bothers me that an HP i bought for my wife will run this game just fine and my monster of a computer that will run BF3 at fps at full settings cant run this game without crashing. Finally, I re-installed XP using the upgrade method.


MSI RX9800PRO-TD128 graphics card – Radeon 9800 PRO – 128 MB Series

Played around with different Ram and Ram set ups. I’m grateful for any help. Speakers Plantronics Wireless ,0x,1,0,quartz.

Took the power supply out of the HP and put it in my gaming rig. There are some of us who are trying to troubleshoot the issue. Second number indicates Retail cards. I would post my specs, but hopefully there is no point too. Hopefully sense this has been going on for a while now and there are topics all over the place some of which have reached replies they at the very least already know whats going on, and radeom are working on fixing it. It is possible that we ask you for additional information or some details according to the situation.