The Unreal Tournament 3 action never felt too cramped on the The following button enables the Turbo button. This would have made the profit from the HDMI port complete. First of all, I associate this bright design with the world of car tuning. A multi-format card reader is also installed there. When we fired up Unreal Tournament 3 , the gameplay was silky smooth, and we enjoyed surprisingly rich sound, but noticed aliasing on the edges of our weapons. If you watch a DVD, the noise increases to

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This was a first for me, as I have never seen this on any other notebook reviewed to date. In tests, we found the processor ran at MHz in normal conditions, but clocked in at MHz under Turbo power. Secondly, we tested this notebook and the GX modification, based on the AMD platform, using our test procedure for processors and platforms.

Despite their location is partly not ideal, there are quite a lot of interfaces available – more than usual for this price category.

Especially as the GX has the stock overclocking system. Some half-size keys make typing difficult; pokey multitasking performance; frame rates suitable only to the casual gamer; mediocre battery life.


MSI GX600X gaming laptop reviewed: lives up to expectations

To summarize, the Megabook GX is only a little bit quieterbut much colder than the bigger GX model. It all comes at an adequate price. The noise level in idle mode was Aside from the GPU, you’ll find this laptop has plenty of performance for its size. Regardless of being closed Please, switch off ad blockers. None are at the back. The GX features a widescreen gs600x.


The palmrest was probably the worst culprit, allowing so much flex that squeezing the palmrest could activate the touchpad buttons on both sides. Secondly, typical gaming components—a fast processor and graphics system. The workmanship appears to be solid.

Note that the keys in the bottom row are narrower than in two upper rows. The drivers offer many options. MSI is not present in the smartphone market. Speakers The two red stereo speakers are left and right above the keyboard.

Its case design is actually no different from regular MSI notebooks, so it produces a similar impression. This would have made the profit from the HDMI port complete.


MSI Megabook GX – External Reviews

And when overclocked especially if one raises voltageit fails to cool down the machine, which may result in malfunctions. Thirdly, the notebook is equipped with a TV tuner and comes with a remote control. This is, because only the CPU clock rate is increased from 2. But, competitor notebooks proved that also notebooks of this price category can be quieter. We measured an average of Despite some flawse.

It happens quite often, so you’d better disable the touchpad when you type. This is a characteristic which is already known since the introduction of the GX model. So the notebook passes game tests without any problems. SD card reader, Line-out, microphone in, and headphone jacks. If you watch gx600d DVD, the noise increases to With its glossy black finish, flame decals, and huge MSI logo front and center it really gets noticed compared to other notebooks.